Integrating Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Office 365 and IBM Verse !


We are pleased to announce our next product within our IMPRISIS(tm) product line - IMPRISIS(tm) DA/XA!

With this product, you can spice up your social intranet functionality on Adobe AEM with personal productivity features from Microsoft Outlook and/or IBM Verse ! Just drag and drop E-Mail and Calendaring features into your website and configure them to use resources within your organisation.

Currently, we support the following features from Microsoft Outlook/Office365 and/or IBM Verse in Adobe AEM:

  • Inbox, Folders, Trash, Tags
  • E-Mails: reply, forward, create, delete, put/remove from folders
  • Maintain tagging and notifications and flags (important, reply until...)
  • Calendaring: Multiple timezone support, Meetings, events
  • Events: Create, update, delete, re-schedule, repeating events
  • Calendaring: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Calendar, Day-at-a-glance View, List views, Print (!)
  • and many more...

First Client:

Banking & Insurance


HTML5, CSS3, OSGi, Java, Adobe AEM 6.3, Microsoft Office365/Outlook

It's that easy ! Give MS Office365/Outlook (or IBM Verse) a beautiful new look with a stunning HTML5 Frontend in Adobe AEM !

Connect your business users to your intranet portal by adding personal productivity features from Microsoft Office365/Outlook !

With IMPRISIS DA/XA, we deliver a complete communication solution for Adobe Experience Manager. While our backend components do the heavy lifting in data transfers to the Messaging infrastructure, our REST-APIs and JavaScript APIs hide the complexity of the messaging systems from the AEM Component Developer. As an AEM Component Developer, you can focus on the look and feel of your email client in AEM without bothering about what backend systems taha comes from. We deliver a set of sample copmponents that can be tailored to your needs or you can start from scratch using your own frameworks and jsut incorporate our JavaScript APIs in your components. Cool, eh ?

For More information, we shared our product flyer for you right here:

IMPRISIS(tm) DA/XA let's you use Microsoft Office365 and/or IBM Verse in a totally new way. Mix and match with content as you like !